Design Review

Design review means getting an individual electrical and mechanical design assessment of the customer requirements to ensure all perimeters are correct and produce the desired result.

Tortech sub contract Michael Larkin from MRL Consultancy for his specialized skills and experience honed from 45 yrs experience from transformer design manufacturing and testing industries. Michael is a Chartered professional engineering with the Australian Institute of Engineers (see link

In design review special computer program are used, as well as historical experience, to double check the initial design and specification from the Tortech design engineers. This includes Finite Element Computer Analysis if necessary, plus other specialized design review program and references (eg special inrush transformer calculation).

Proceeding to manufacture, the transformer is physically inspected prior to varnishing plus the initial electrical testing of the design perimeters is carried out. Until this is done the transformer is not allowed to go in to the impregnation stage (varnish or epoxy).

Next subject to the above approval by Michael Larkin, the transformer is assembled into the enclosure; it is inspected by MRL consultancy again for all mechanical and electrical perimeters.

Finally the complete enclosed transformer is tested at Tortech laboratory for all electrical perimeters. The test report is checked and analysed by MRL Consultancy to ensure it complies with customer expectations and specifications.

Next stage is packaging for transport. Packaging for transport is carried out by an expert packaging technician which includes full protection against mechanical damage and careful labelling to highlight lifting limitations plus special instruction for transport and site arrival conditions (eg forklift unloading or crane unloading plus the inclusion of detail instruction manual).